Officers Reports

Morty – One final letter to get out of incipiency. Hoping to get it sent out in the next week. I need the list of events and we are good to go. (EDIT: List has been written and everything is ready to go.)
Dave – And we only need one.
Morty – I want to go over my deputies and see if they want to continue.
Dave – Yes.
Chris – Yes.
Stacy – Yes. We talk all the time about these things, so I should have a title. (smirk)
Morty – I want to go over the finer things we did during nominations and voting and add them to the bylaws. It will be fun and riveting.
Kim – We can have it at a mead tasting.
Morty – Then there would be progress.
Stacy – Bylaws drinking game!

Paul – $ 2171.55 I don’t know if our budget went through, because I didn’t go, but I imagine it went through. At the Malagentia Yule they raised money for us! $445.55 And our total in the bank is $2619.10
Morty – I don’t have final word, but we asked for less than we have, so we should be all set with our budget.

Dave – The Heraldry hasn’t moved forward. I had my kids down for the holidays, and now things have changed, so I have to review the rules. We don’t need our heraldry passed to have that to get out of incipiency.

Kendra – I now have access to the RB website, so I posted the November minutes, which I totally dropped the ball with, and the December minutes, to the site. I’ve been working on small write ups about what each officer does and the person in the office. After Birka (oy, so much to do!) I will be making sure there’s blurb about each officer on the site. If there’s something you don’t want me to post, make sure I know! Actually, I will make sure you each of you clear a copy of what I post before I actually post anything.

Mary – Not a lot. Stitch and Brunch on Saturday. (EDIT: Quite a few people showed, brought food, and worked on A&S stuff!)
Sara – Whatever you’re working on. Anyone who wants to come and work on anything.
Chris – Any light duty work, bring it. If you need help, we can help.

Sara – At Birka there’s a chatelaine social.
Morty – Remind me of that.
Sara – Thinking of having a GFBF hive mind meeting.
Morty – I think that’s fantastic.
Sara – Just to go over things and get it off the table for a while. The schola I’ve been thinking of, but I don’t have any date ideas, so I don’t know who to call.
Chris – Maybe asking what available dates there are.
Sara – April-ish.
Chris – If we don’t do April, then wait for the fall, because then we are into season.
Morty – We have insurance and all that.
Chris – Do we have that info available? What are those details we need to tell them?

Web Minister
Stacy – Revamped the original page so it loads better, and better on a phone. Still working on the WordPress side of things. I’m re-warranted.


Morty – Tufu and Callie are working on getting more youth activity

Chris – I guess Malagentia has noticed me, I’m the 7th member of the Order of Appolo’s Arrow. This winter is about arrows and targets. There’s now the Summer Druid (Conall). So, for GNEW, we are going to shoot at an effigy of him when it’s too hot.
Sara – If you’re a bronze level Thunder, you can make him wear the hat because he’s still a Prospect.

Paul – It’s winter. I have targets and need to pray for spring.

Old Business

Regional Practice
Morty – I talked to Manchester Elementary, but they will allow us. But they haven’t given us a day.
Paul – Friday nights suck.
Dave – Malagentia is Tuesday
Kim – Hadchester is Monday
Stacy – Bangor is Sunday.
Morty – So Wed and Thursday look the best. So we got prospects.
Kendra – Yay, something I thought of worked out!
Paul – Any costs to us?
Morty – No. But only during the school year, but we can find places in the summer. Anyone else reach out? Who will check out UMA?
Kendra – That’s an absolute no. They are not willing to do things like that, and even if someone was a student there, the hoops to jump through are ridiculous. We have moved our writing group out of UMA because we were treated so badly.

New Business
Morty – Exchequer and Web Minister reports are due. Anyone have troubles with Thursdays? The third Thursday.
Mary – I can’t do any other Thursday of the month.
(We all agree on third Thursday of each month to meet.)

Morty – I got our neighbors’ temporary events. Jan with have Birka. Feb is TOL. Jehans in April. BEAU is May. Kings & Queens is June 24th. GNEW July 6-9. GFBF august. Harvest Moon is Sept. Autumn Inspiration in October. Hunt ends the 9th of October.
Stacy – When is Whatever Festival this year. We also have to decide if it’s worth doing or not.
Sara – Why not have kid’s stuff. This is a kid’s driven event.
Dave – When are we doing H&M? The first was the last weekend in May, but then to the first weekend in June and that worked better. Let’s look at June 10th. I’ll check the calendar to see if it’s open.
Morty – I’ll check on the Whatever Festival, but most likely July 1st.
Paul – It always ends July 4th.
Morty – With things as they stands, I guess we are not doing the Whatever Festival.