Lord Aloysius Sartore
Seneschal (president) badge

Our seneschal is our local president, and acts as the chief executive of our local group, The seneschal handles complaints, keeps the group moving towards our goals and looks to the riding membership for help and support.

Hesychia of Ravensbridge

The chatelaine welcomes all people who share our interest in the Middle Ages, and assists them to find their interests in the Society. We have participants of all ages, racial or ethnic backgrounds, religious affiliations, sexual orientation, level of education, and economic backgrounds. We truly embrace the diversity found in our groups and respect all viewpoints. The only thing expected is an interest in the Middle ages, and a willingness to participate and learn.

Lord Magnus Morté
Exchequer finA

The exchequer is the keeper of the group’s treasury, duties include accounting and budgeting.

Lady Griet Wever van Orange
Herald Badge

Our herald works with people in the group to explain, select and register heraldry for their persona in the society. herald@ravensbridge.eastkingdom.org

Lady Amée le Mort
Chancellor Minor badge
Chancellor Minor

The chancellor minor is charged with coordinating efforts to integrate the youth of the riding into the many activities and events of the Society.

Lady Sigrida Arnsdottir

The chronicler would be known modernly as the secretary of the group, the person in this role takes minutes, publishes content in the form of website postings, newsletters and other communications as needed. chronicler@ravensbridge.eastkingdom.org

Lady Meara MacNeil
Ministry of Arts and Sciences Badge
Minister of Arts and Sciences

The minister of arts and sciences helps organize times and places for artisans to gather and share project ideas, tips, and problems. Encouragement and facilitation is the goal.

Aurelia Lenzi
Webministry badge

The webminister is the coodinator for online technical needs of the group. The role is to facilitate content generation online and communicate with the Kingdom Webministry as needed.

Lord Magnus Surtsson
Marshal of Archery
Archery Marshal

Archery needs people to manage safety and create opportunities to practice and compete.

Lord Magnus Morté
Marshal of Rapier Badge
Rapier Marshal

Rapier marshals guide and support participants and work to manage safety at practices and competitions.


John Carpenter
Marshal of Thrown Weapons Badge
Knight Marshal

The Knight Marshal is responsible for coordinating all combat activities and practices in the in the riding