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Local Ravensbridge Regular Events
Creating the Modern Middle Ages

Events, both big multi-day and small, focused get-togethers are the lifeblood of the SCA.

  • Business Meetings Held on the third Thurday of the month, see the Calendar for details.
  • Outdoor Archery — Some Evenings or weekends during the warmer months. See the Calendar page for details. Schedule can be irregular due to events and weather.
  • Local Indoor Practice — Details on the calendar page. Generally weekly, Wednesday around 6pm – 8:00ish, during the school year in the Manchester Elementary School gym, just off Rt. 17, on School Street, Manchester, Maine.
    Not all Wednesdays, please check Facebook or the Calendar page for current details.
  • Huginn and Muninn — We host a full day event in early summer, around the first weekend of June.
  • Great Falls Balloon Festival Demo in August
  • Ravensbridge Yule — Hayford Hall, Canton Historical Society, Canton ME