Who we are…

Participants in the SCA strive to recapture the ambiance of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. This requires research into such topics as dress, weaponry, armor, food – any and all facets of medieval life. But more than research or playing “make-believe”, the SCA promotes self-sufficiency and creativity by actively encouraging the practice of many of the forgotten crafts which were once basic to life.

The SCA sponsors many different events. There are numerous revels (the medieval equivalent of the modern party), seminars, demonstrations, wars and tournaments. Feasts are served which recreate medieval repasts, with authentic recipes and entertainment. There are also various craft guilds which hold meetings for those interested in specific arts. Seminars or Collegia are also held on topics of educational interest to members and other students of medieval history. Between tournaments and other medieval events, our branch holds regular meetings.

These meetings are announced on our Facebook group site and are usually held in the Augusta and Lewiston/Auburn area, and include business meetings, where the practical matters of running the organization and planning events are discussed, classes where the subjects range from heraldry to life in the Middle Ages, and from costuming to knitting chain mail.

While Society events are colorful to observe, the deeper satisfaction comes from being a participant. One need only experience the feeling of accomplishment which comes from having a piece of research result not just in printed paper, but in a suit of mail, a costume, or a medieval dish. In addition to having fun, we gain a little wider perspective on our world and ourselves by learning to do as our ancestors might have done. By discovering things about our past, we realize things about ourselves. We walk not backward into the future, but forward into the past. (Original text published by Barony of Thor’s Mountain. Reprinted with permission.)