PDF: September 2016 Minutes

Officers Reports


Morty – A lot going on behind the scenes. Looking at Manchester Grange hall, but need to find out what we need.

Perley – Cement floor so we don’t break stuff.

Dave – And tall ceilings.

Paul – No furniture we can break.

Morty – I’ll call and see if we can get it started.

Perley – Six and three is nine when you swing swords.

Morty – Went to Endewearde demo. Talked to Vey for insight. He said he’s planning out their year. I got the ball rolling with neighbors so we can plan our year. We are going forward with this. Beyond that, just back office stuff to make sure everything is moving forward and getting everything together to get out of incipiency.


Paul – Not sure how much we have at this moment. I need to get report from Molly and find out what Amy spent for the RB dayboard at Harvest Moon. But, there were 69 paid attendees for the dayboard. $141 spent on supplies plus CeCe’s receipts.

Paul – I think we made about $160.


Dave – No change, Pennsic rush. Not holding by breath.

Chris – Have you tried?

Dave – Two minutes.

Chuck – Or we can watch him pass out.


Kendra – I spoke to Christiana Crane at the GFBF and she told me to keep up with the minutes, which she puts into the Malagentia newsletter, and just post what I can when we get the wordpress side of our site up. There’s a lot I could be doing, but at this point it makes more sense to hold back until we have a larger group who will actually submit things. (EDIT: That doesn’t mean I don’t want submissions, because I want to get things rolling on our site.)


Sara – Kim is having brewing classes. Lots of brewing and other stuff going on, but as we come out of the season, there will be more gatherings.

KB – Brooke won 2nd place!

Sara – Cindy passed on a great box with scribal stuff inside. It’s turning into a starter for the next person to learn what you do.


Paul (in CeCe’s absence) Made contacts from demos, and handed out lots of coins.

Web Minister

Stacy – Not much, it’s event season. Our link isn’t on Kingdom page yet, working on it. Using WordPress a lot more, so I know how it works and will be able to do more with it.



Chris – Happened last weekend. New archers. Probably not going to be another practice this year. Two woods walk at the Hunt. Godrick said they will happen. If you are into bow hunting, it’s perfect! You will use and break a lot of arrows and bolts. Use your old set, and do royal rounds if you might not have enough after the walk.

Perley – You hit the target, you won’t lose arrows.

Chris – Nothing new since our last meeting. Any equipment, I make most of it, or can help you with what you need. We are wrapping up. I can help you with tips for keeping muscle memory in check. Never pull a bow in really cold, it can snap it.


Paul – No more practice again this year. Something about ice and axes don’t mix well.

Kim – We’ve been going to Hadchester for practice because it’s close.

Old Business


Sara – I think it was a success. Next year we need a clicker. Maybe close to 2000 came through.

Chris – At least 1500.

Sara – Dave’s tent was always packed. The forge was great. Christoff was great with the kids. The kids like trying on the helm. Christoff needs a leash next year. Kids activities right there was great.

Morty – A post event meeting?

Sara – Not really needed and my schedule is crazy.

Stacy – What about whack a figure? Bubble wrap a post so it will make noise? Figure out if we need waivers, but a pell shouldn’t need one.

Perley – Just to keep them hitting each other.

Sara – We took in a homeless guy for the weekend. A Thunder brother brought him a backpack of supplies. He thought we were from away.

Morty – have you heard from Mel?

Sara – I have not.

Morty – She actually runs the GFBF. We would like to have a meeting with them, and discuss things.

Chuck – Problems in the center. Dancers and fighters at the same time, it didn’t work.

Sara – I’ll send Mel a note.

Stacy – At Knox they had a PA system, and it was great.

Dave – Except for us who it was aimed at.

Kendra – Yeah, it was rough.

Kim – Shouldn’t we have more signs?

Morty – We have to perform there to get some.

Sara – Since Endewearde and Malagentia don’t get what we are doing, we need to change it to GFBF SCA Demo to get more people to help. It’s a regional demo, not just RB.

Stacy – We should flag the path with something that comes off so that people know there’s a reason to come over to us.

Chuck – We can do better with signage.

Stacy – I was in sight of the sign and they asked where it was.

Morty – On stage, why not make a big banner there? Everyone looks at the stage, so why not take advantage of them.

Sara – The banner was behind the bushes and homeless people. The kids didn’t know how to put it up where it needed to go.

Getting out of Incipiency

Officers letters

Copy of blue cards – I have them all.

Morty – I still need letters.

Paul – Me and CeCe need to get ours in.

Mary – How should it go?

Morty – Timing.

Kendra – I’ve heard good things. Hopefully

Region Practice

Morty – Canceled due to rain. I went anyway and people showed! Three new people showed up to fence! All from within RB. I talked to them, it was raining. Stacy came down and hung out and people who wanted to fenced. They loved it and will probably be back for more. It was a resounding success, even though it was canceled.

Anything else?


New Business

Reports due before next meeting (seneschal, archery, chatelaine, thrown weapons)

Next meeting scheduled for Oct 18 Cafe @130 Main


Morty – The way they will work, nominations today, October we will have the list together, November we vote. Anyone in all 7 positions are all up for re-election or nomination. Even in that role, you need to be nominated. Need seconds to be nominated. Nominations until the end of Sept. I need to verify certain info – willingness, location within RB, blue card, make sure there’s no gaps. The list will be in October. They can talk about why they want it in October. in November, we have elections.

Dave – How will we handle people nominated for two.

Chris – Since no one else will be Paul. (No one else wants to be exchequer.)

Dave – We should do Seneschal first, then exchequer and then the rest, just to be sure there’s no issues.

Morty – Any other questions about the process. Everyone needs to be nominated.

Morty – I’d like to nominate all current positions.

Dave – Seconded.

Morty – Anyone else for Seneschal?

Paul – I nominate Dave Poulin.

Chris – Seconded.

Dave I nominate Perley for Knight Marshals.

Paul – Seconded.

Morty – Before that, anyone else for Seneschal? (nothing) Exchequer?

(crickets, Paul smirks)

Morty – Herald

Ken – I nominate Tracie (Eastman).

Chris – Seconded.

Morty – Chronicler any other nominations?


Morty – A&S?

Sara – We can nominate Kendra (Bunyon).

Morty – Seconded.

Paul – I nominate Mary.

Dave – Second.

Chuck – I’ll get a PO Box tomorrow.

Morty – Chatelaine

Chuck – Magnus. (Chris Roy)

Morty – Seconded.

Saraa – I nominate myself.

Kim – Seconded.

Sara – I nominate Kendra.

Morty – Seconded. Anybody else? Web minister? Anyone else?

Dave – That’s a Paul scenario.

Paul – No one wants it.

Morty – Knight Marshal nominations?

Chris – Johnny?

Ken – Seconded.

Morty – Anyone else? (Perley was nominated earlier for this.)

Mary – Do we have a minister of lists?

Dave – We don’t need one.

Morty – Any other positions we’d like to nominate?

Chris – What about quartermaster?

Paul – It’s an exchequer deputy. Some other positions at kingdom levels like porter, but we don’t need them.

Stacy – They can be appointed.

Paul – Anything not filled is Seneschal’s duty.

Morty – Taking nominations until the end of the month.

Anything else?

Chuck – Christiana Crane asked me to run T&B. But there’s two. The fall is after HM, but we can do the spring T&B under us.

Morty – A date?

Chuck – They gave up. Volunteers for bartenders and wenches. Haven’t heard back from Gryff yet.

Stacy – He really wants to do it.

Mary – Location?

Chuck – Not yet.

Sara – Need a space for over 100, and serve our own booze. Are we going to do both?

Chris – We were discussing a really nice Dayboard and then T&B.

Chuck – I want the option to camp, as people will be drinking.

Dave – We haven’t asked yet.

Stacy – When was it before?

Sara – Late May.

Chuck – We submit early enough that we have first pick, other than royalty. Jehans?

Chris – April 18th weekend.

Chuck – I want camping for the drinkers. There will be apple pie and Thunder Punch to the T&B.

Stacy – A place to stack the unconscious people.

Morty – What other events for the calendar year.

Dave – T&B, then H&M, the two demos. That fills our calendar pretty nicely.

Perley – When is the GFBF?

Sara – Third weekend of August. But Pennsic was bumped this year, so there should be two weeks between Pennsic and GFBF.

Paul – Tyger and Raven?

Morty – Raven and Bucket.

Chuck – if Gryff doesn’t want to, then there’s a hint here (kim).

Stacy – There’s a hint over here (Mary)

Mary – Perley has a roaster.

Dave – Snarfy does, and might have a pig.

Chuck – I was thinking of skipping Gryff for spring, but using him for fall?

Stacy – Why not have the pig and have Gryff do the sides? Just a thought, and it would take a lot of pressure off him, and he can get as creative as he wants with the sides.

Morty – Kendra, you said something before the meeting about the budget?

Kendra – CeCe and I talked at length at Harvest Moon that Malagentia is having their yearly budget meeting in December this year, and we think we really need to go into it with a solid budget for the year. She and Paul are planning on going, and they put stuff in for us last year, but they weren’t sure what we really wanted and needed. They did a great job of it, but it really put a lot of pressure on them. So CeCe and I decided that we needed to bring it to the group in October, but since we’re here, that we have a solid budget for 2017 in November so that we, whoever we is, can go into the Malagentia meeting with a solid budget plan in hand, and we can get what we need for each event without worrying about it.

Morty – I want to go in with a plan his year.

Paul – We had a small one last year.

Stacy – We might want to use the Chatelaine’s office as the line item for money, rather than for each demo. That way we have some leeway between the demos.

Chuck – Gryff usually asks for a grand for T&B.

Kim – We have someone who can get us food (Perley)

Perley – You’re going to check for camping?

Kim – The place you’re having the wedding?

Sara – It’s $1200. Some have hard opening date.

Perley – The Monmouth is open year round? It’s perfect temp for fighting, you wimps.

Chuck – We could do a Yule in February!

Morty – We don’t feel like we need to do more.

Stacy – Last year was supposed to be internal.

Dave – It was supposed to be only us, but it was seen on FB and people wanted to go.

Anything more?

Meeting adjourned.

Nominations added after the meeting –

Kendra – I nominate Kim Poulin for Chatelaine.

Morty – Seconded.

Kendra – I nominate Callie Morton for A&S Officer.

Stacy – Seconded.

(edited to correct a misspelling)