Jason – Callie – Chris – Sara – Stacy – Brooke – Jon – Mara – Kim – Dave – Brandon – Tim – Amy

Seneschal: Malgentia meeting progressing well discussed expanding RavensBridge borders no current opposition will continue to discuss

Exchequer: deposits of XXX.00 mailed with receipts and event reporting documents current balance from Malgentia XXXX.98 please keep this number in mind as it becomes important later in the meeting

WebMinister: website is up to date no news on social media updates

Archery: too cold to shoot currently arrow making shop is up and running at Chris’s house Chris/Magnus will be archery marshal at GNE this coming summer

Fencing: practices are going well , numbers are beginning to increase van/busload coming to practice from Portland area on 1/7

Old Business: Yule went really well with minor chicken mishap no one left hungry, good feedback next time consider mini day board of snacks prior to meal served . would also like to see organized games.

School Demo/Informational section pushed back to February due to holiday time constraints and learning for classroom.

April Schola was a big hit last year Sara intends to hold again at the public library

Populace badge has been approved and will be changed only to accommodate utilization of SCA appropriate images. Badge cannot be field less due to the raven not touching the bridge and cannot be changed without looking sloppy laurel leaf cannot be removed

New Business:

Budget : Considerable discussion on current budget and reducing next years budget

Finals numbers approved to be submitted to Malgentia are 3100.00 go back to number reported currently have XXXX.98 in account which will change slightly due to recent Yule event

Dayboards 300

H&M 750

Tiger and Bucket after H&M 550

Yule 450

Demos 150

Admin 50

Marshals 600

800$ of this budget has not return value

2050$ of this should be earned back through the events themselves with potential for income from the events

Advertsing and fundraising separate from events brought up to group

Some ideas included a trunk or treat – raffling of A& S items tabled for further discussion

Populace badges for Malgentia shown there will be a survey monkey after badges are narrowed down some for voting on

GNE for 2019 Sara is looking for help to make this a successful year more information to come

Next meeting 1/17/2019 at Winthrop House of Pizza next meeting will consist of voting for offices

Review Change and Discussion of Nominations:

Seneschal : Jason (accepted) Dave (withdrawn)

Exchequer: Dave(accepted) Kendra(accepted) Magnus(withdrawn)

Herald: Magnus (accepted ) Brandon to Deputy this position

Chronicler: Amy (accepted) Deetles (accepted)

A & S minister: Mary (accepted in absentia) Brandon (accepted)

Chatelaine: Sara (accepted)

Webminister: Stacy (accepted)

Chancellor Minor : Callie(accepted) Brooke to deputy this position


Heavy list : Pearly

Archery: Magnus

Thrown Weapons : Todd

Offices that will be voted on are Exchequer, Chronicler, and A&S Minister

Meeting adjourned 8:34PM