October 2018 Business Meeting Notes

Stacey, Kendra, Sara, Brandon, Chris, Callie

Senschal : nothing to report

Exchequer: no new expenditures

Chatelain: Bens School AMS presentation Friday teaser type of event

At the Hunt Kendra received some Chatelain items and will provide them to Sara

A&S: events at Sara and Chris’ on Saturdays as posted

Chronicler: email not currently working


Archery going well new marshalls coming soon

Magnus ordering arrows soon (shafts)

Godric spine and weigh chain gang possibility

Will be looking for a spinning target device in months to come

Web minister working to upload minutes as provided new calendar on Riding Ravens website Social media policy is in review

Discussion of online presence and recruitment

Old Business : Badges visuals provided and voted on narrowed down to top 3 will revisit next business meeting

Crown 11/3 Ellsworth

New Business

Elections Nominations will begin at the November business meeting

Voting will be in January

Review of bilaws tabled until winter months


Event scheduled for 12/15

Event fee  types of food and location discussed

Cooks guild approved

Ravens Bridge awards at Crown

Meeting adjourned 8:15PM