RavensbridgeBusiness Meeting Minutes










Senschal Report: Nothing new or out of the ordinary for this time of year – practices have been being held every week usual people showing up to practices weekly or biweekly as schedules allow fencing and heavy list

Exchequer Report: Magnus asked for any outstanding bills to be submitted promptly as the quarter is soon ending and the change in leadership is happening soon

Chatelain: Slow this time of year with few public events . Auburn middle school event to be taking place Dec 7th or 14th waiting on response fromMrs Abbott who is the teacher asking for the event.

Questions were asked regarding the type of equipment that can be brought to show Sara will get the information and provide it to people attending the event Personas PDF will be provided to teacher for printing to hand out to students for an activity Still working on Spring time activity that will be open to the entire school instead of singular class room . Out Reach to Matt Blasek for 14th Century presentation

Web Minister: Calendar Updated on East Kingdom Website events added to Facebook rules for social media currently unchanged Instagram account discussed need more information about how it could be utilized and who would have access to posting to it Has been approved by Audrey Stacey will look more into the ins and outs and how to make it work

Old business:

Maps boundaries color coded maps and a zip code list provided to Jason by Magnus with proposed lands to acquire. Also included some spots that Malgentia may want to consider for uniformity .

Indoor Archery Range for winter practices with special rates for groups

Chris and Sara have the Ravensbridge axes

Badges : will utilize bird above bridge concept

Reports are due from Herald and Knight Marshal

Yule Ball 12/15 will need 200$ deposit 25 chairs 4 long tables available at site gate opens at noon

Will need head tables museum will be open

Reservations highly suggested

Financials to be handled by Magnus

Brandon seeking kitchen volunteers

Also volunteers needed for A and S, Bardic and Dance

Will need drink cooler(water cooler)

Will obtain BYOB permit please drink responsibly beer wine and mead no hard alcohol

Permit is 10 +/-

New business:

Current nominations :

Seneschal Jason (accepted nomination)

Exchequer Kendra (not present nomination accepted by Stacey)

Herald Brandon, Magnus (both nominations accepted)

Chronicler Amy (accepted nomination)

A&S Minister Mary (not present to accept) Brandon (only of Mary doesn’t want the seat)

Chatelain Sara (accepted nomination)

WebMinister Stacey (Accepted nomination)

Webminister Chris H (not present to accept nomination)


Heavy List Perly (not present)

Archery Chris

Thrown Weapons Todd (not present)

Chancellor Minor Callie (accepted nomination)

Speeches and arguments to be held next business meeting 12/20

Bi laws need to be reviewed unnecessary language and clarity of language taken into consideration.

References on where and how to locate information needed specific notations are currently vaguely specific review term limits and how elections work as information is scarce and not defined

Next business meeting 12/20 at Winthrop House of Pizza

Meeting Adjourned 8:41PM

-Amy Osborne