Hard to believe it’s our 4th year, come join us in the northern reaches of Malagentia for our 4th Huginn and Muninn event, June 9, 2018 at 10AM at the Monmouth Fish & Game Club’s site on Route 202 in Monmouth.

We’ll be continuing the story of the Vikings and the Normans, you can earn points for your side in Arts and Sciences, Archery, Thrown Weapons, Fencing and Heavy List. You won’t want to miss the advancing forces of the Vikings and Normans, they’re sure to be challenging and unique.

This year we are adding Combat Archery, and you might see a siege weapon.

Dayboard is included, and in addition to the A&S Competition, there’s an A&S Exhibition and we will have a lounge, discussion, reading and reference Library available indoors.

A&S at H&M!

Bring your best A&S project to H&M for the populous vote!

Show off your best project(s) at the Ravensbridge museum at H&M. East Kingdom specific items are great, Ravensbridge specific items are even better, but all A&S items are welcome.

Who will win A&S this year at H&M? If you don’t enter, it won’t be you!

Bring items inside to be shown off to all.

Also, Dance! There’s a dance class at 2!



See also the East Kingdom Event Calendar and Facebook for updates.