Above are links to the 2016 ballot in two different formats – one is a PDF which should be fillable in recent PDF viewers, so you can return an electronic ballot by making your choices and saving the ballot.  If that doesn’t work for you, make clear choices by editing the MS-Word file and returning that.  Please don’t re-arrange the ballot order, so the people counting these will see ballots that match the paper ones.

Instructions are in the files and reproduced here for convenience.

This is the ballot for the 2016 Ravensbridge Officer Election. We are attempting to use a modified rank choice voting system, please read the instructions and ask questions if anything is unclear.

Absentee Balloting – By U.S. Mail

Print the Ballot, and fill it out according to your choice and the instruction on this page. On a separate piece of paper, please include the following:

Your legal name (printed) and signature

Proof of membership (membership number, expiration and a photocopy of your blue card)

Your return address with zip code

The date

Place both the Ballot and the paper with your information in an envelope and mail it to:

Seneschal – Riding of Ravensbridge
ATTN: Election Ballot
70 Country Club Rd
Manchester ME 04351

The ballot will remain sealed until the meeting, and must arrive before the November 15th meeting to be counted. Ballots arriving after the meeting will be tossed in the fireplace and used for heating.

Absentee Balloting – By E-Mail

Fill out the PDF form below, save and attach to your e-mail message. If you cannot fill out the form, copy the text to a document you can edit and fill out the document as closely as possible to the PDF ballot and attach to your e-mail message.

Include in the body of the message the following:

Your legal name

Proof of membership (membership number, expiration and a picture of your blue card)

Your postal address with zip code

Call, text or Facebook message our Chronicler, Kendra Bunyon (207) 620-4434, or our Seneschal, Jason Morton (207) 671-4512 and inform one of them which e-mail address you will be using to send your ballot. Send your ballot and identifying information to both:

seneschal@ravensbridge.eastkingdom.org and


Ballot Instructions

Each officer election on the ballot has at least one column used to make your choice. If there is only one column, place an X in the box to the right of your choice for that office. If there is more than one column, those columns are used to indicate your second or third choice should a prior choice be ineligible due to a prior win. Please make only one choice in each numbered column, and only one choice in each row