Here’s the current list of nominations, we will accept additions until they close during the meeting on Monday, November 21, 2022, 7pm. Contact the Seneschal ( or Webminister ( to nominate or correct this list.

Anyone who would like to speak on their nomination can do so at the November meeting, or provide written words to be posted on the website. Voting is during the December meeting.

  • Seneschal
    • Stacy Morang
  • Exchequer
    • Jason Morton
  • Chatelaine
    • Amy Osborne
  • Chancellor Minor
    • Callie Morton
  • Chronicler
    • Mara Osowiecki
    • Sara Roy
  • Webminister
    • Megan Nourse
  • Minister of Arts and Sciences
    • Erin Cabana
  • Herald
    • Kendra Bunyon
  • Knight Marshal
    • John Osowiecki
  • Archery Marshal
    • Chris Roy

Nominees can have speaking time during the November meeting. We’ll also talk about the e-mail list, absentee ballots.

Voting on officers will take place December 22, 2022, during our regular monthly meeting.