With the holidays over, and a cozy fire, it’s also time to announce the officers for the coming two years, and we hope to see as many as possible at our next business meeting, third Thursday of the month, on Google Meet for the foreseeable future. See the calendar to the right for details.

  • Seneschal (Chapter President) – Aloysius Sartore
  • Chatelaine (New Member Coordinator) – Hesychia of Ravensbridge
  • Exchequer (Treasurer) – Magnus Morté
  • Minister of Arts and Sciences (Art and Research Coordinator) – Amee le Mort
  • Chancellor Minor (Child Activity Coordinator) – Amee le Mort
  • Herald (Heraldic Device Coordinator) – Margaret Sevensterre
  • Webminister (Website Coordinator) – Rwan Osbern
  • Chronicler (Archivist and Meeting Secretary) – Faílbe Mac Neil
  • Archery Captain (Archery Coordinator) – Magnus Surtsson
  • Knight’s Marshal (Rattan Fighting Coordinator) – John Carpenter
  • Captain of Fence (Fencing Coordinator) – Magnus Morté
  • Thrown Weapons Captain – John Carpenter

Thanks to everyone who’s served in years past, we couldn’t keep this going without you. And thanks to everyone who ran for office, and to those who hold them now.

Last, but not least, everyone on the list above should have a deputy, and some do, we’ll be listing them soon. Deputies are there to learn, help and support officers, all as needed. Many hands make light work.

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