Business Meeting Minutes 3/21/2019

In Attendance :

Sigrid (Sara) Magnus (Chris) Aloysius (Stacey) Lady Matilda (Heather) Magnus Morte (Jason) Tracey Mairghread Huntley (Kendra) Janus (Ben) YOUTH Sam YOUTH Callie

Individuals will be receiving awards at upcoming events. Stay tuned for what awards received by the RavensBridge populace

Exchequer: Balance (2402.12)

Herald: seeking name stuff to complete as well as any potential device work that needs examining

A & S: Brandon has been working on arrows for Archery

Chatelaine: Spring Schola date 04/20 Auburn Public Library Schedule being completed 2 1 hour classes 8 ½ hour classes still seeking for fill 2 1 hour slots and 4 ½ hour slots

Balloon Festival Meeting to be held in May

GNEW coming along monthly meetings being held

Web Minister: Website has been updated most minutes have been moved to correct destination and posted Spring Schola needs to be added to RB website

Chancellor Minor: nothing new to report

Archery Marshall: arrows being made

Old Business:

Mara is working on RB badge

Borders no complaints as of this time looking towards acquisition

GNEW prereg is available GNE University is up and running

Revamp completed for Largesse war points and overall war point distribution

H&M Sagadahoc walk through to be completed will need to map out locations of events questions regarding accessibility and bathroom availability

New Business:

History of Ravensbridge looking to include history of Grimvale

Song Preparation for Bard

72 Newbury was the hub originally for RavensBridge

Reports Due April 18th

Upcoming events

Black Rose Ball

Crowne Tournament


Ye Olde Festival seeking our assistance not an SCA events but willing to split profits for assistance

Meeting Adjourned 7:55 PM