Reports :
Malgentia meeting contained usual topics, Demo Event at Buxton Hollis Gun Club
Exchequer : nothing new to report our budget proposal accepted by Malgentia budget approved if a preceding event does poorly we will lack funds for future events the budget is tight in that sense
Herald : nothing new to report
Chatetaine: change in time of Auburn schola demo to allow for inclusiveness, date is 04/20 at 9:30 am …if you would like to teach a class please let Sara know soon; AMS demo is at a stand still due to teacher interest and planning
WebMinister: nothing new to report there are updated rules for the social media officer to review

Fencing- donated helmets maybe available

Spring Schola at Auburn Public Library 04/20
H and M location unset date 6/8
GNEW July 11-13
Coronation 04/06 Long Island
New Business : the site fees for GNEW have changed to be updated shortly

Elected postitions:
A and S minister Brandon Millwood
Exchequer Kendra
Chronicler Amy Osborne
After results were read Dave Poulin opposed that the seat for Seneschal was not obtained via a vote and asked about the write in votes for Seneschal.
Dave knew that there was a write in campaign for him as Seneschal it was quickly determined that we do not have the ability to write in. Dave again stated that Seneschal cannot be an assumed position even if there was nobody running against seneschal. The rules were reviewed by webminister and members who tallied the votes. Verbal vote was called for seneschal to appease membership, Jason Morton overwhelmingly voted as Seneschal via verbal tabulation.
Dave Poulin declined nomination prior to verbal vote so the only person in ranks for Seneschal was verbally voted for.

Meeting adjourned 7:45PM