The Ballot: (use for absentee before 1/17/2019)

This ballot may be voted absentee by sending it via mail or e-mail to the Chronicler (, 59 Highland Heights, Winthrop, ME 04364) and Seneschal (, 70 Country Club Rd, Manchester, ME 04351) from a clearly identifiable e-mail account. To insure the e-mail address is identifiable, please provide the e-mail address in advance of the vote to the Chronicler and Seneschal by a means other than e-mail. Absentee voting ballot, whether on paper or electronic, must contain the following: the voter’s legal name (printed) and their signature, membership number and expiration, zip code, phone number and date.

Officers Running for elections are as follows, from the December Minutes:


Seneschal : Jason “Morty” Morton

Exchequer: Dave Poulin, Kendra Bunyon

Herald: Chris “Magnus” Roy

Chronicler: Amy Osborne, Dianne “Deedles” Larrabee

A & S minister: Mary Merriam, Brandon Millwood

Chatelaine: Sara “Sigrid” Roy

Webminister: Stacy “Aloysius” Morang

Chancellor Minor : Callie Morton


Heavy list : Pearly of Malagentia

Archery: Magnus Surtsson

Thrown Weapons : Todd Morneau