Officers Reports

Morty – EK bids have changed. Their honors have passed! RB paperwork has been submitted

Paul – $2477.42 The fundraiser raised $447.00 for us!

N/A device resubmission is in, waiting for acception or rejection

Kendra – Nothing

Mary – Equally nothing.

Sara – Chris went to LAC and got info on who to talk to for using facilities. I emailed Bates about us and what we do. A guy in Belfast wants to do a Viking Village in July, possibly weekend after GNEW. Need to figure out logistics.

Web Minister


Perley – Nothing

Chris – Working on arrows, targets to make. Godrick gets closed cell foam, so I’d like to go in on an order with him, so we need to approve that money for that foam.

Paul – It’s too icy to throw anything

Old Business

Morty – We had six people show up. Classify them all as fencers. One youth showed, so I spent time with her. There will be more who will come. Everyone
April 5th 19th are out, but the rest of the Weds through June 14th when school is out.

Whatever Festival
June 24th

Morty – I have three people interested in doing it. Heather, Stacy, Chuck. Hoping to talk about those today.
Heather – I have the bid thing done, and I wasn’t sure we had a date. I’m ready to send it in.
Morty – June 10th We are at a stand still until we have confirmation from Dave.

Chris – The idea here is that Gormlaith and I want to pull together a demo/event, in a wooded area. Private property. In end, there’s a Forrester’s group. Like medieval boy scouts. There’s a lot of interest in it, and so we are trying to get it going down here. There have been a few logistical issues, so it’s a bit on the back burner. We are looking, maybe, fall?

Sara – Good meeting at my house, Deedles is my deputy. More signage. SCA Demo, not RB, to get people interested in helping us. We also want Johnny to be there.
Morty – What if we asked them to bring something to decorate where they’re from.
Sara – We are going to change where things are set up. We are going to the Bardic meeting to talk to them about possibly putting the Dragon in the parade and possibly doing a show. Talked about kid’s activities are both days.
Morty – Callie collecting fabric for headbands.
Brooke – I’ve been collecting cardboard all winter. My shed is 10X20, so if it fits in there, I’ll take it.
Sara – I will have one more meeting before Pennsic. Possibly early June.

New Business
Rockland Feast
Giggleswick A&S
Next meeting – April 20th