Officers Reports

Morty – Started the By-Laws Counsel to rework some of the by-laws to make them more like what we did so things will be smoother in the future. Last week we (Stacy and Morty) went to the Malagentia business meeting. They are getting ready to pass the Malagentia honors. There’s five of them. Not solid, this is how we do it. So many questions they are working on.
I was selected to deliver a scroll to Malagentia from Stonemarche about Giggleswick. But we are the best of Malagentia’s children!

Chris – Sibling rivalry! RavensBridge rules.

Morty – We will side with Malagentia because we are the better kids! Malagentia sees all children are equal, so they will go to war.

Paul – $ 2619.10 Budget passed and report sent in.

Dave – I forgot color copies, but corrections have been made. It will be submitted in the next few days.
Kim – Would be great if it’s passed by GNEW.

Kendra – Birka Plague.

Mary – Had the lovely Brunch & Stitch. There were a lot of people there. A letter from Gormlaith An Malagenteach, wants to do an A&S Challenge for H&M. The proposed theme is the early history of RB. An artifact specifically commemorating RB.

Gormlaith, “I beg your indulgence while I muse out loud about an idea. As we are a young Riding now, I was thinking about an A&S project/gathering/challenge/something or another themed around the fledgling history of Ravensbridge. Things that, years and decades from now, one might find in a Ravensbridge Museum of History. Anything from portraits of founding members, to poetry and songs about our early days, to artifacts like commemorative jewelry and regalia. So that, one day, twenty and more years from now, a newbie to the SCA and/or to the area can see some real, tangible items to tell of our history. After all, history’s something we all love as SCAdians, right?
So… what, when, where, how, ideas?

Sara – I emailed my contact at Bates, but haven’t heard from her, but she broke her leg below her knee. Wherever we go. We went to Lava and got talking to the doorman about costuming, SCA, etc. Birka, went to the chatelaine meeting. Met a lot of other chatelaines in the area, and the EK chatelaine.

Web Minister
Stacy _ I went to the WM meeting at Birka. They’re going to be coming up with a whole new set of technical rules. Nothing really new.


Chris – I just got some shafts in.
Stacy – I got a deer. I found it at the transfer station.

Paul – It’s winter. Have cookies from Perley.

Old Business

Regional Practice
Morty – We have reached out a bit more. Anyone follow up? (crickets) Glad I did. Talked to Manchester Elementary again, gave them a bunch more info, still waiting. So we are still in the running to get space. No news, but no one said no.

Morty – Whatever Festival. If we want to do the festival now that we have that time open.

Morty – GFBF? Anything else.

Sara – March 12th, noonish.

New Business
Morty – Thursday March 16th

Morty – H&M 10th of June.

Dave – The cost of the location is $100 + $1 per adult head.