Officers Reports

Morty – Worked on finalizing what our neighbors are doing for events in 2017 so we can work out when to have our events.
Kim Ballard – We are doing Autumn Inspirations, as Endewearde is doing the Schola. Our spring this year was Crown. Mickel will be putting in a bid, as will others. No date yet. HM 9th or 16th sept. Autumn will probably be Oct., or Nov. Ask Mickel to firm that up. Giggle is doing a spring.
Ken – Ellsworth Schola (Barony of Endewearde Arts University) May 13th.
Morty – I’ve reached to others, but it’s a slow season. As those come in we will narrow in on ours.

Paul – 2171.55 Our budget is preliminarily passed by Malagentia.
Kim – Come to the Malagentia meetings. First Thursday of every month.
Speedbump – We skipped the meeting for GNEW, so I’m pushing to have it at GNEW in the barn. (Many agree that this is a really good idea as most of the people who go to the meetings will already be at GNEW early, and others of us who would like to check out the meetings will be there and it would be a good chance for them to check out a meeting.)

Dave – This should be the last time we should have to have anything signed. The bird has feet. White chief with black bridge on top. It will be submitted before the end of the year when the rules change. (WooHoo!)

Ken – I’m a horrible Chronicler! I failed to get the minutes out last month, and it’s all on me. I’m not going to blame the kids, holidays or my new meds, or anything, I take full responsibility for my actions, or lack thereof.
Stacy – Though it should be mentioned that the new meds really threw her for a loop. It’s been a crazy month because of the meds. (Much joking ensued about sharing and the like.) (EDIT – Most of it flew over Kendra’s head as she was on the new meds.)

Mary – Potluck scribal at CeCe’s. Like 23 people came. A couple from NB, Canada came down for.
Ken – I have found a new location to hold classes and smaller not-messy gatherings. Maine General has rooms specifically for people in the community to use. There’s a number of large and small rooms, and as long as we leave the room the way it was, we should be golden.
Dave – Room for heavy list?
Stacy – No, I already checked, while the ceilings are high, there’s mics and other things hanging.
Kendra – Plus there’s carpeting, tables, and other things in there that would make heavy list very bad. But for A&S stuff it will be great. Even better is that Tracie’s boyfriend Chris works for the hospital and has an in for scheduling those rooms, so getting things put together there should be really easy.
Mary – Hours? How late are they open?
Kendra – We usually leave our Writer’s Group there at 10PM on Wednesdays, but that’s because that’s when we have always ended Writer’s Group at 10PM. No one has ever come by to throw us out at that time.

Sara – Emailed some interested people, and talked to another person who has quit the SCA, but considering coming back. Another person who is interested and coming to the S&B. Talked to Kyp about the SCA 101. Watched them all. Possible demo idea – a schola at LAC, maybe getting college students involved.
Chris – From going there, I should be able to get, maybe, getting heavy list there. There’s one room with carpeted floors and high ceilings. About ½ mile from exit 80.
Morty – How big is the campus?
Chris – You’d have to be on campus to know it’s happening.
Sara – There’s also Bates.

Web Minister
Stacy – Haven’t done a lot lately, and need to re-warrant. Easier than paperwork. Also, because of the new Fire Dept being built in Winthrop I found out that they will be building a gym in there. Not sure if we can use it, also it will be a few years before it’s finished. But, also, Winthrop PD has a gym! So we need to check in to see if we can use it.
Ken – Manchester Elementary gym. Since someone lives in Manchester, and has a child who will soon be attending that school, maybe he (Morty) should check in to see if we can use it. (EDIT – Morty is waiting until school is back in session for 2017 to check in with them.)
Speed – Do you know about the tennis ball trick to take scuffs off of floors? (No, but now we do!)
Morty – Website?
Stacy – I haven’t done much.
Kim – Is your site up?
Stacy – Yes.
Kim – There you go!

Morty – A couple people interested in youth, so we are working on it.

Chris – Making arrows. Made some for Christmas commissions. No shooting happening right now.
Speed – My crossbow prod failed three bolts in at the last practice.
Chris – We should build targets.
Stacy – What about
Chris – Fixed Steve. He has rods in his neck. They are pieces of bolts, not metal.
Dave – Franken-Steve! (Cheers!)

Paul – Targets are in storage for the winter.

Old Business
Much discussion, but as our budget has been submitted to Malagentia, there’s little to say unless it’s not passed.

Regional Practice
It’s winter, so not much is happening.

New Business
Kendra – As next month is our off month here at the bank, we would be meeting at the Cafe @ 130 Main, but Kim has surgery the day of our next meeting, so we cannot meet there.
Morty – Does Tuesday work?
Kim – Tues is fighter practice. They (Kim and Speedbump) won’t be up for all our meetings, but will try to attend when they can to support us! Yay Malagentia’s Seneschal!)
Discussion about days best for meetings, and who can attend when. Kendra & Dave like Thursday.
Morty – Thursday the 19th at the bank.

Malagentia Elections!
Kim – Election was held.
Morty – You should come up and give speeches before the next election.
Kim – I’ll be up for reelection in Dec, as will everyone else, so why not? Or you can come to our meeting!

Great Falls Balloon Festival
Morty – I reached out to the GFBF. The date is August 18-20!

Morty – Before our next meeting I’ll be submitting everything to get us out of incipiency. (Much cheering by all.)

Kim – We did have questions. Molly told you to stay home because she had your budget and the roads were still really rough. It would have been especially bad on your drive home. Some confusion about T&B. There’s been interest from RB to run T&B. Tiernen (sp?) thought it was after Harvest Moon.
Dave – We would run it as us in the spring, as part of HM in the fall.
Kim – Chuck needs to talk to Tiernan about this, as T&B wasn’t part of the HaM budget. I don’t know where he wants to hold it in the spring, on Malagentia land or not. We need to figure out if a bid needs to come to me as well as you. If it’s Malagentia money, then I need a bid. Mostly need clarification. We have nothing in our budget for T&B spring, but we do for fall.
Speedbump – The last couple years there’s been some difficulty in the budget for HM and T&B.
Paul – The fall one is all you.
Dave – We are stealing the spring for us.
Kim – Not stealing! (laughter) We need to get this worked out soon.
Stacy – When Paul mentioned the budget, should that T&B line, can we come back to get money from our account?
Kim – Let Molly know. Usually with us, if we want to add something, it goes to vote as a line item.
Stacy – If we need more from our account, can we get it?
Kim – Keep Molly in the loop.
Speedbump – It is possible. This budget will get voted for in total.
Kim – Just keep us in the loop. My reign is about communication and transparency. If the budget is screwy, let us know.
Speedbump – Food based events, the food is the primary cost. When you know who will be there, you’re good. But if you don’t you have to fake it.
Kim – Food is usually over-purchased, so just keep an eye on the budget.
Speedbump – That you have a cushion in your budget, it’s a good thing. As the Malagentia Quartermaster, John is my deputy.
Paul – That means I have a deputy!
Speedbump – If you need anything stored, it’s there for you to use! We don’t just store it to store it!
Morty – We are not afraid of using it!
Kim – If you want anything announced or promoted at our meetings, please let me know! In person helps, but I know it’s a haul.
Morty – We are trying to promote that the GFBF is more than OUR demo, it’s an SCA demo!

A bit more discussion and laughter and the meeting was closed.