2016_Ravensbridge October Minutes PDF

RB – October

Officers Reports


Morty – This quarter I submitted my report to good feedback. People are taking notice of us. I laid out what we are doing, our intentions. Long and short term goals. Wanted to make sure I shared that people are taking notice of what we are doing here.


Paul – We still have money, need to get the info from Baroness Molly. We need to add in the money from Harvest Moon Dayboard.

CeCe – Mine (receipt) still needs to be submitted.

Morty – About $1,800

Paul – Probably.


Dave – Still no word back, they’re still in the Pennsic rush.

Chris – The price went up, but we are grandfathered in. And the role of Herald is changing somehow?

Morty – More on that?

Dave – Hasn’t been released yet.

Chris – I had to have Connal do all the work for me, because it’s so convoluted.

Dave – They are streamlining it for the end user to do it themselves. The Herald will become more of a consultant.


Kendra – I’m mostly waiting for after elections to get stuff posted about each officer. I have been looking at other sites to see what’s up about each person. Stacy is setting me up on the WordPress side of the site so I can post things there. I have been waiting for the season to slow down a bit, because I’ve barely been home any weekend.

Morty – Also, you need contributions!

Kendra – Yes, I do. I’m going to start getting insistent.

Dave – Articles about events attended are always great.

Kendra – Yes, and how to, and recipes. I have goals for this coming year, but I need your help implementing them!


Sara – I don’t know about anyone else but I made a hell of a lot of garb. That’s my A&S report. I’m done.

Dave – You made more than dresses. All the tunics, flowers, tablecloths, basically everything.


CeCe – I got a couple things. Christiana Crane has put together a crown guide, asked for names, badges, etc. It all looks really nice. It might be nice to add these things to our page. Contacted by the autocrat of Crown for Waterbearing. After Paul is dead, I can do it, but I’ll need help, especially early on!

Kim – That’s cold! Killing off Paul early! Did you make him a red tunic? (Much laughter.)

CeCe – Contacted Serena, Waterbearing Mistress at GNEW. She’s on it and taking over, but we need extra hands. One of our good gentles will go on vigil for Laurel. I’ve been asked for some food. If you want to help, ask me, send PM. Not dayboard, that’s Terri. Someone from GFBF contacted, but he’s not here tonight.

Sara – No one signed paperwork.

CeCe – People are getting filtered to where they want to go. He’s interested in almost all aspects of SCA. There’s people at work and a lady at the bank was in Smithwick, and she might be going to Crown. Spent time with Known World Chatelaine, loves the tokens, and their email explodes, and now knows why. Fernando who won mead at the Hunt is interested in meeting our brewers. I introduced Kim ad Dave at the wedding.

Web Minister

Stacy – I reported to the EK haven’t linked to us correctly. Hopefully that’s taken care of. The list of things will get done when I get done going to things every weekend. I’ve been at work and at events, so it’s hard to push the site hard at the moment.

Morty – Have you spoken with Dave S?

Stacy – Been sending to Dave and getting things done as we can.



Chris – Season is over. Obviously now is the time to start projects. Need arrows or other equipment, let me know. Targets are in good use.

Stacy – The Styrofoam coolers Kendra’s meds come in each month are solid. We should make some square animal targets, as we have a lot of the foam sitting around the house.

Chris – Any dense foam can be used for targets, so send it to me. Anyone shooting next season, there’s exercises to do, and I can help you.

Mary – Previous winters there’s been stuff for shooting.

Chris – It would have to be inside. The kinetic energy when it’s cold out can break your bow.

Dave – The winter IKAT happens now and then, but not something everyone can do.

Chris – There is an indoor place to shoot in Gray. The one in Auburn is closed. If people are interested.

Mary – Used to be $5.

Chris – I just haven’t been there to check it out.

Morty – Maybe we can get a cut deal as a group? Looking for foam containers to make animals. Size? I don’t want you inundated with foam you can’t use.

Chris – A foot square, 3-4” square. Needs to be sturdy enough to stop an arrow. You can glue them together to make thicker. With blocks we can shape them or glue pics on. Sheets of high density foam, not like peanut foam.

Dave – They can be flat with a picture target glue sticked onto the foam.

Perley – Duct tape will be fine. I made some for Pennsic a few years back.


Paul – A bunch of activity, nothing major. It’s getting cold.

Old Business


Morty – I haven’t heard from Mel. We wanted to go to the recap meeting, but haven’t heard from her, neither did Sara.

CeCe – This and Jehans was in my report.

Regional Practice

Morty – Wanted to do another before the snow flies, but we are running out of time.

Dave – Maybe in Gray we can do a larger area?

Kim – Any place inside for fighting?

Morty – I got another lead today, so haven’t heard back yet, but I haven’t given up hope.


Kim – Need people to run gate. There’s a lot of spots that need to be filled.

Morty – They need any kind of help for Crown.

CeCe – I was told 200.

Chris – Just fighter!

CeCe – It’s in our backyard, we want to make a good impression as RB, making sure Malagentia knows this is huge. A long way to making us look good.

Kim – We are doing a small lunch with hot beverages, because fighters rarely get dayboard.

Morty – November 5th Camp Hinds. Birka January 27-28


Morty – Our next meeting is November 15th at the bank down the street. That’s where we will have our voting.


Ken – Budget needs to be done in November, so that we can take it to Malagentia in December.

CeCe – It’s our money and need to decide for each event. $50 for the GFBF. We requested money at the meeting last year. We need to decide what we are asking Malagentia for our money.

Morty – H&M, Whatever, GFBF.

CeCe – We need to do it.

Dave – $50 for Whatever, $100 for GFBF.

Stacy – Can’t do it lump? We should ask for all the money we have.

CeCe – We did that last year.

Dave – It was 1400 at the time, and we used 1200

CeCe – And Harvest Moon Dayboard.

Dave – They might make Giggleswick do it.

CeCe – H&M, how much for that?

Morty – Did we spend the full $500?

Stacy – $750?

Morty – I like that.

Dave – We don’t need a porta next year. A dayboard/feast will be beyond that.

CeCe – If we had a budget of $1000, we are fiscally responsible. We have a demonstrated reliability with money.

Stacy – Do we have plans to do something where the wedding was?

Dave – T&B. The negotiations would have to be heavy, it’s expensive there.

Kim – We need money for that.

Paul – It’s a Malagentia event, so they do that budget.

Sara – Talk to Molly about it.

Stacy – I think we should put it in our budget, then see what they say at the budget meeting.

Perley – The worst they can say is no.

Callie – Spring event.

Paul – Spring and fall events.

Kim – Archery and Thrown?

Morty – Yes, that too.

Dave – I think $500 is good.

Kendra – I think $750 is better. (Loud discussion ensues between the two.)

Dave – Paper, stamps, and other office supplies. I’m still owed a ream of paper.

Morty – Anything more for events and demos.

CeCe – Whatever, we need water and Gator Aid, $50 will cover it. I’d like GFBF to have more.

Morty – I want to get it down and jiggle.

Stacy – We can put it together and finalize next month.

Morty – Office, heavy, archery, thrown, anything else?

Dave – We could lump them as marshal activities.

Paul – They want specifics.

Dave – This is specific.

Morty – $300 each for each. T&B, if it happens.

CeCe – Someone in the Auburn school system looking to sell fencing equipment.

Morty – Table budgets and iron it out next month to be sure we are all on the same page.

Malagentia Elections

Morty – Malagentia is holding elections as well. Honig is moving, so they will be holding elections soon.

Dave – Nominations in November. December for voting. James Sullivan is acting Seneschal. Don’t think they have absentee voting.


Morty – Our elections. What we do now is what we will continue to do going forward. We like absentee ballots are open Nov 1st through the election.

Dave- They have to be before, as they will be emailed.

Morty – Has to be in my hands, so midnight the day before.

Dave – Or noon the day of.

Morty – Noon the day of! Hand delivered before.

Stacy – How can we tell it’s forged?

Morty – We need to prove the signature.

Stacy – There’s a list of rules for absentee ballots.

Morty – Questions, comments for absentee ballot?

Chris – Is there an actual ballot.

Dave – There needs to be two, one for Seneschal, one for the people running unopposed for offices.

Chris – I don’t see as that would be good.

Dave – There’s one for Seneschal and one for everyone else.

Chris – It’s nonsense, you will be passing them in at the same time.

Dave – They are two different votes. (Lots of yelling and discussion.)

Morty – Ranked voting!

Morty – Anything else?


Morty – Eligibility for nominations and voting. Bring your blue cards with you next month!

Dave – How old?

Callie – I have it here, you can be 15 to be officer and vote.

Chris – But 18 to be Seneschal or Exchequer.

Morty – It’s 15 or older may serve as officer with express written consent by parent or guardian. Anything else for eligibility?


Morty – Rank choice voting. Two minute speeches? What we do now needs to be done in the future.

Chris – If you don’t know someone, there should be info on each person.

Tiffany – I don’t know what some of the jobs are.

Morty – You need to give a speech, why you want the job, and what you will do with it. We won’t judge you.

Chris – We will, but not openly.

Morty – Anything else?

Laura – Next meeting for this?


Kendra – At the Hunt there was an idea proposed about a Schola in Endewearde. Shannon Moretto, Agatha, Natalie Harrison, Amanda Steward and myself are working on getting this put together. The tentative date is May 6th. I just wanted to get it out there so that we don’t schedule anything on that date. The whole 100 mile thing, but also because Endewearde has been so great to us since we started, and helped us grow to what we are now.

Dave – Weekend after might be T&B, but not at the Fish & Game.

Morty – We are trying to get our dates out there.

CeCe – Is there a Springs Inspirations this year? Discuss combination, maybe?

Morty – At the same time, we are small, we are expected to do one event, and not steal from others.


Chris – We need to have people talk about what they want to do in office, why they should be voted in. I just thought we were doing it now. Why are we going to wait until we vote? I’d rather have a month to mull it over. I want to know the people’s qualifications. Johnny said he will do it if voted in.

Morty – Want to do it now? I think someone should volunteer, Stacy, to give a synopsis of each position.

CeCe – Voluntold.

Stacy runs through the offices and what each one entails.

Morty gives a Seneschal speech. Dave gives a Seneschal speech.

Paul gives brief Exchequer speech. (Running unopposed.)

CeCe gives Chatelaine speech. Sara gives Chatelaine speech.

Dave gives Herald speech. Tracie gives Herald speech.

Mary gives A&S speech. Kendra gives A&S speech.

Perley gives Knight Marshal speech.

Kendra gives Chronicler speech.

Stacy gives Web Minister speech.

Anything else?

As there’s only two fighters present who will be fighting at Crown, Paul yields for the evening, Perley is King of Cafe @130!

Kim is doing a brewing thing on Sunday. Putting it on RB that she’s doing it. Want to get together once every two weeks, or once a month, to try recipes and brewing. Laura is so there.

Laura – Invites everyone over to an S&B, once every other week or once a month. We are a society of introverts, so getting together and getting to know each other better helps at events.

Tiffany – I’m very new to the SCA. I’ve noticed that there’s a lot of large events. What about something for our kids? A day event, or evening event? Something to keep our kids involved.

Morty – We are not there yet, but after elections.

Stacy – Maybe something for the kids to do at the events we have now.

Callie – Annika is 17, she’s been doing events since age 2. Now that she knows what’s out there, she’s coming up with things that could have worked for her.

Tiffany – I get that there’s only so much that’s actually done.

Dave – The SCA has laid down the law, because of issues, there has to be warranted youth officers. If you have a kid only activity you have to have a warranted adult and another who isn’t related to that person. Family friendly helps. Do we have a youth coordinator for GNEW?

CeCe – Terri is the Chatelaine and Youth Coordinator of Malagentia.

Morty – We are working on that for RB.

Dave – We can do family activities, more can be done, but for youth we need a Marshall. Chancellor Minor is the name of the office.

Tiffany – We have attended a number of events, so that might be the thing to do. And putting her to work for me. Making them happy and interested so that we can be more happy and interested is important.

Anything else?

Meeting ended at 9:23



















Web Minister


Knight Marshal