RB Business Meeting Minutes – SCM 2016-08-16

Meeting to order @ 7:05

Officers Reports

Seneschal Report

Morty – Moved forward on last months notes. Kendra made contact with people on Facebook. (EDIT – Since Balloon Festival Kim has been greeting everyone to the group and has really been on top of making them all feel welcome.)

Exchequer Report

Paul – $1826.55 in account

Herald Report

Dave – No change – post Pennsic, device @ Yaheeda (Kingdom Brigantia Herald), likely 1-2 months before response.

Chronicler Report

Stacy – Still looking for submissions!!!

A&S Minister Report

Sara – Needs written reports from us.


CeCe – Known World & Kingdom chatelaine meeting @ Pennsic.

– New Known World Chatelaine may be revising reporting.

– Ideas from meeting: bookmarks at local library, posters, etc.

– Cece presented coins to group, talked about the way Fort Knox Demo is tradeoff for other event at the Fort.

– Mentor for a day, Chatelaine → mentor

– Pictures on website good idea

Marshal Reports

Heavy List

Paul – Marshal in training!


Morty is “shadow fencer”


Chris- it happened. Got 3d Turkey at Pennsic ($60) for woods walks, 131.75 in archery budget. Need targets from Stacy’s house at big practice weekend after balloon festival @ Melissa’s. (EDIT – Steve [the turkey] lost his head at the Balloon Festival, but will be repaired going forward.)


Paul – Getting foam hammers from Boden for Balloon Festival.


Stacy – Continuing to work on wordpress portion of site and integrate with home page.


Paul – Pending Authorization

CeCe – all authorized

Old Business

Great Falls Balloon Festival

Sara – Johnny getting stuff from Malagentia storage.

– We need fighters and fencers! Marcus and Joe both posted on FB looking for more fighters and fencers to help throughout the weekend.

– Tri-folds are done.

– Setup is noon on Friday. Some will be staying overnight that night, more on Saturday night.

– Dave is doing games and brewing.

– The FB page has been really busy with many people interested and going to the event.

Getting out of Incipiency

Morty – Hoping to have paperwork done by next meeting, need 3 letters, all set on blue cards


Morty – Nominations September, Verify October, Elections November

Regional Practice

Morty – Posted with Endewearde, Malagentia, etc. Date: 9/11/16 no facebook @ Suburban Propane, Riverside Dr. Augusta

Other Business

Kim Poulin will be staring brewing again, to get it ready before GNE 2017.

For mead: 5 gal mead needs 15 lb Honey, use domestic US honey only, others have odd chemicals that interfere with brewing. 3Lb/gal with ale yeast gives a sweet mead.

CeCe made the motion that the meeting be adjourned.

Dave seconded.

(I (Kendra) was unable to attend the meeting due to health issues. Huge thanks to Stacy and Tracie for stepping up and taking notes through the meeting to make these minutes possible.)

Downoad August 2016 Minutes (PDF)