Officers Reports

Morty – We had Crown, seemed like a great time, realized I know nothing about how it works, talked to a lot of people. I learned a lot, the shield hangers were great. A good time was had by all. How does everyone who played feel they did?
Paul – I made a mistake, and I was done. Crow killed me quickly.
Dave – A lot of good fights there.
Chris – A lot of good chivalry.
Dave – Yes, things were done well here.
CeCe – A cousin was Knighted was thrilled to be Knighted in the EK, because we are known to have clean fighters.
Morty – That’s all I have.

Paul – $ 2171.55 Sat Dec 17th 2pm. We need to have our budget request in for the 10th to be included.

Dave – No change. Going to poke again to see if the Pennsic glut has been waded through so it can be designed to be passed. I know how to fix it, but I’m not sending in another to get it rejected. I’m not going to waste my time, and Crown’s time. When she says it will pass, then it’s time to send it up.

Same old, nothing new.

Sara – I haven’t heard a lot. At Crown there was talk about sewing over the winter, so I will have a S&B in December or January. There’s a lot of people who want to do things over the summer. There’s a lot of interest in making things for next year. We always wait until the week before. Everyone has great intentions.
Dave – The parti-colored dresses are moving south, and we are going to have gatherings to get them done.
Mary – Don’t do the checked border, because the hem isn’t straight, so many little tucks all the way around.

CeCe – I’ve been approached to do an SCA for Dummies. Ed’s new Protege wants a calligraphy class, Dec 10th 2pm at CeCe’s, SCAdian time. Pot luck. Was thinking of inviting the new people to this.
Chuck – Kyp has SCA 101 online that are worth looking at. They are really good, and on YouTube.
CeCe – We need a location for fighting inside.
Morty – Still working on it.

Web Minister
Stacy – Nothing new, they still haven’t fixed the typo on EK. The thing that is new is that they’re developing a set of standards that everyone should adhere to. They are almost impossible to meet. 501 compliant. We might end up with a site that’s black and white text, if we have to comply to everything on their list. There’s questions as to which end of the spectrum we are at. It’s content accessibility, and the disclaimer, and blah, blah, blah. We’ve done most everything, so we are still working on it.

Chris – I’ve been volunteered to do archery for GNEW next year. Thanks to Johnny, who might be running GNEW himself. Anyone who has archery stuff to work on, I have a setup. I can teach, or make it for you. I can get more info from Godrick, like exercises and all that.

Paul – Cold, dark, no one is throwing anything.

Old Business
Morty – My lovely wife put together a beautiful budget for us with graphs and stuff. She slaved for 15 minutes on this, I mean 15 hours.

Admin $50
Marshal $350
Whatever $50
GFBF $100
H&M $750
T&B May – $300

$400 for only the barn at Hebron! (ouch)

Marshal $500
H&M $500
T&B $750

Regional Practice
Morty – I have a number, so I need five minutes with a fighter to know exactly what I am asking for.

Sara – Are we doing a Yule feast, or not?
Morty – How did that go off last year?
Sara – Bad.
Dave – Great!
Morty – Other than politics, the event was great.
CeCe – They are doing a fundraiser at the Malagentia Yule. I offered up cookies. Someone who tablet weaves…

New Business
Morty – Officers reports due are – A&S, Knight Marshal, Herald
Dec 20th, here at the bank.


The new officers take effect at the end of this meeting.
Seneschal – Morty
Exchequer – Paul
Herald – Dave
Chatelaine – Sara
A&S – Mary (Deputy – Kendra)
Chronicler – Kendra
Web Minister – Stacy