Events & Demonstrations

Participation and activity are the life of the SCA.  Find out what’s going on locally here.

Huginn and Muninn A.S. 52 – Monmouth Fish and Game

Archery, crossbow shooting

Odin listens intently as Huginn & Muninn relay a tale of a land to the south known as France with their fortified city of Paris. Will you be among the Vikings leading the siege against Paris? Or will you be on the side of the French defending the city walls?

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Practice, Indoor Practice, Practice Indoors

Ravensbridge indoor practice for heavy list, fencing and other indoor activities.  Limited loaner gear available. Held at the Manchester Elementary School Gym, 17 School St (just off Rt 17, near the intersection of 17 and 202, in Manchester). 6ish to 8:30pm May 31; June 7, 14  

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Ravensbridge Business Meeting – April 20, 2017

Business Meeting, at 97 Blake St, Center for Wisdom’s Women.  (Bank is not available this month.)  7pm, April 20th, planning for upcoming events and the usual discussions on SCA life in the Riding of Ravensbridge.

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